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Your considerable donation to Baton Rouge STEM provides support for our various programming to help provide greater exposure to STEM for young people and opportunities for professional development in STEM educators.

In 2022, Baton Rouge STEM established a goal of serving 10 schools. Effective October 10, 2022, we officially began serving students and teachers across 13 schools in addition to 2 community center partners. Additionally, we are frequently asked to provide STEM demonstrations at various community events. We are tremendously excited for the impact this is bringing to our community with respect to both STEM learning and pathways to STEM careers. By raising $50,000 , we believe our children will have life changing experiences as a result of our ongoing sessions during the 2022-23 school year. Please consider making a donation to help us maximize the learning experiences for students we are serving. Give below via Cashapp or Paypal. Your donation is tax deductible as we are a 501c3 charitable organization.

We are also looking for sponsors. Sponsorships place your brand directly on promotional material related to our workshops and events. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please click here.

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