Computer Science Heros

The week of December 6th is Computer Science Ed Week. We will celebrate Baton Rouge Computer Science heros throughout the week. Visit for additional information and resources.

Tony Moore leads the computer system operations for Prairie View A& M University. Because of him and his computer science degree, student and staff at the university are able to use computers to learn, teach, and do other jobs is a safe and secure environment.

Shaemekia Jamison is a Senior Applications Analyst for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. Her leadership give her the opportunity to ensure that the life protecting software developed by her company is high quality with minimal errors. Her computer science degree places her in an industry that impacts the entire world.

Courtney Holden is a Robotics and Coding Instructor for the East Baton Rouge Parish School System at Park Forest Middle School. As a 14 year educator, she is preparing students for a world of opportunity in STEM. Her computer science degree positions her well to serve both as a role model for young coders and helps normalizing coding in the middle school academic environment.

Steven C. Baham is a Computer Scientist and owner of Baham Laboratories serving south Louisiana and beyond. For 25 years he has provided support for computer systems in homes and businesses. His computer science degree position him well to keep his 650 plus clients operating smoothly.

Christel S. Vessel is the Assistant I.T. Director for the Baton Rouge Parks and Recreation Commission or BREC. Through her leadership and teamwork, BREC’s staff and facilities through Baton Rouge are able to serve the recreational needs of the community in an effective manner. Her computer science degree positions her well to lead in this work.