Robot Activities

The information that follows provides the list of activities for robotics lessons.

Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4

Lesson 1 – Prototype

Provide students with paper and pencil. They use the paper to either draw are write out, their design requirements for the robot they would like to create. The design should indicate what purpose the robot will serve and list out some of its functional features. Participants should be made aware of what material can be used to create their robot (ie water bottles, bottle caps, tape, glue, etc)

After reviewing their design/drawing, provide participants with the specified material to build their prototype robot.

Lesson 2 – Robot Assembly

Utilize the instructions provided to allow the participants to assemble their provide robot.

Lesson 3 – Robot Programming

Using the learning from scratch, program the robot to make various moves and complete basic task.
Ex. Move forward 10 steps, and to the right 10 steps, move around a sitting above.

Lesson 4 – Project

Layout a maze or obstacle course and the floor and have the participants compete to program their robots to complete the obstacle course.