Coding and Gaming

The information that follows provides lessons on coding in Scratch.

Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4

Lesson 1 – Intro to Scratch

Circle – Coding Function, Each function appears to right
Canvas – Middle Section
Stage – Section with cat on screen
Location/Direction – under stage
Sprites – Bottom area; followed by stage selections
Looks menu – controls the look for the selected sprite.
Sound menu – adds sprite’s sound (when applicable)
Events menu
Control Menu
Additional Functions
Code to draw square

Lesson 2 – Creating Motion

The code show cause the can to move as if he is running. Have the participants change the various block to change the speed and distance. Additionally have the participants use different sprites to learn how to create motion with them.

Lesson 3 – Adding People as Sprites

After taking a picture (3) with the computers camera, use the website to remove the background from the picture and save to the the computer.
Import the new picture into Scratch.

Lesson 4 – Project

Code for player’s motion
Code for basketball’s motion