The information that follows provides guided steps on how we built our prototype rockets and airplanes.

Prototype Airplanes

Watch the video below for guidance on making a paper airplane.

Prototype Rockets

– Straw
– Craft glue
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Rectangle paper (appr. 3×5 inches)
– Slim rectangle paper (appr. .5×3 inches)
– Small rectangle paper (appr. .5×1 inches)
– Small square paper (appr. 2×2 inches)

Wrap the large rectangular paper (long side) around the pencil as tight as possible.
Please a thin line of glue on the end of the paper just before complete the wrap around the pencil. Thin the glue out with your fingers. This well help the glue to dry faster.
Finish wrapping the paper around the pencil and then use your fingers to close and seal it.
Take the pencil out of the paper and sit it aside.
Wrap the small rectangle around your completed tubing (or rocket body).
Use the same method of applying minimal glue to complete the wrap of the small rectangle around the rocket’s body.
Fold one end of the slim rectangle over into a right-triangle. Make sure the side of the right-triangle is lined up with and toughing the opposite side of the original slim triangle. Then fold the right triangle down on its base, so you have a smaller rectangle.
Cut the paper at the vertex on the tip of your triangle so that you have a square.
Place glue on the outreach each of the top end of your rocket’s body. Place glue on the one side of the square that was cut out and the fold it into a triangle.
Once sealed, the triangle can be opened into a cone.
Place the cone on top of the rocket body.
Fold your remaining piece, the square in half.
Fold it in half again.
Cut the square along the double fold, close to the folds.
Cut the square from the corner at the angle shown
You should have two trapezoids.
Clue one of the trapezoid to the bottom of the rocket (these are your fins)
Place the stray in the bottom of the rocket.
It is now ready for testing.